The Sex Role Socialization Theory Essay

The Sex Role Socialization Theory Essay

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I am interested in looking at attitudes men and women possess about marital rape and how sex role stereotypes influence these outlooks. To gather more in depth information about this topic, I will be studying the sex-role socialization theory. This theory suggests gender-role behaviors that guide sexual interactions are consequences of a development process. Men are taught to be dominant, powerful, and sexually aggressive. On the other hand, women are taught to be passive, submissive, and sexual-gatekeepers. Marital rape is seen as an extreme consequence of sex-role socialization due to the belief that it is the wife’s duty to sexually please her husband. It is further believed that gender-socialization fosters raper-supportive beliefs and acceptance in both men and women, even when they’re married.
I have identified two journal articles that relate to my topic of interest.
Article 1:
Auster, C. J., & Leone, J. M. (2001). Late adolescents ' perspectives on marital rape: The impact
of gender and fraternity/sorority membership. Adolescence, 36(141), 141-152.
The goal of this study was to examine the effects of gender, Greek life membership and how highly educated college students perceive marital rape and the laws surrounding it. A sample was used from 209 students enrolled at a private, liberal arts college in northeastern United States. 108 of these participants were women with 28.8% of them involved in a sorority and the other 101 participants were male with 35% involved in a fraternity. Face-to-face interviews took place, composed of mostly open-ended questions regarding a wide variety of topics including opinions about social issues and marital rape. Gender was used as an independent variable to grasp the differences men an...

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...ceptions of the rape victim’s reactions provided support for the sex role analysis of rape which suggests that the acquaintance-rape context can lead to ambiguous perceptions and definitions of rape. Such biased outlooks could account for people not considering acquaintance-rape as real rape. There was no significant difference in men’s self-reporting about the likelihood of committing an acquaintance-rape rather than a stranger-rape. However, it was discovered that men with more stereotyped sex role beliefs implied they were more likely to commit rape in general. Lastly, an important finding included that no sex differences emerged with respect to the influence of sex role stereotyping on reactions to rape with respect to the relation between sex role stereotyping and the measures of accepting rape-myths, interpersonal violence and beliefs in adversal sex relations.

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