Sex On Television Programs And Violence On Video Games Essay

Sex On Television Programs And Violence On Video Games Essay

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Entertainment Downside:
Sex on Television Programs and Violence on Video Games

Sex on television programs when viewed by underage children and youths creates sexual mindset in them. Also, violent segments on video games played by these youths create criminal mindset in them which in return will become a menace in our society. Effort in all ramifications in our society should be applied to curtail the damage of these entertainment cankerworms. Whose effort is required here to help control this? Censor and rating boards’ restrictions are not enough so parents, guardians, teachers, and doctors are all required to put hands on deck to limit the damage our children and youths are suffering by accessing these entertainments which increases immorality, crime rate, and teenage pregnancy in our society or should they be banned?

As shown in this movie climax – Bowling for Columbine, the investigators stated that…“Video games are a very popular pass time among children and youth. 79% of children in the United States play them on a regular basis. A large percentage of these games are appropriate and educational. The remaining percentage, however, contain violence, gore, and behavior that is not acceptable in society. These types of games are serious concern among parents, teachers, and doctors. The concerns of these men and women are supported by the credence that these types of games are harmful and negatively influential on the children who play them” (Moore & Glynn 2002).

“Inasmuch as a lot of people do not believe in God’s existence which is the basis of good moral standard for children and youths, I still wish to argue here that continuous showing of sex and violence on television programs and movies promotes immorality. It does n...

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...hese regulations. Video games are still accessible by the wrong age group. Adult content television programs are still being viewed by underage children and youths at home, same way they access motion pictures. Sex on television programs will continue to be shown. Likewise video games with violent contents will continue to grow in the entertainment industry market. Its recognition will continue to thrive, so will the controversy that surrounds them. Instead of focusing on banning violent video games all together because of the negative effects that they have on children and youths or restrict sex on television programs, we should be focusing on finding ways to prevent people who do not meet the age requirements from purchasing and playing such games, who is not eligible to watch adult content television programs or motion picture sex scenes.

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