Essay about Sex Is The Biological Classification Of Male And Female

Essay about Sex Is The Biological Classification Of Male And Female

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Sex is the biological classification of male or female according to genitalia at birth. An example is when a baby is born with a vagina its sex is automatically classified as a female and if it is born with a penis its sex is male. Sex category is identificatory displays that match a person’s biological sex. For instance, a person who is born female will appear to be female through her actions, mannerisms, style, etc. However, sex and sex category can vary independently because a person can claim membership in a sex category that does not match their sex criteria. In other words, a person can be a male but have mannerisms, style, etc. of a female. Gender is the social differences used to determine if someone is a man or a woman regardless of their sex and more based on if they have feminine qualities or masculine qualities, a human production that is maintained in social interaction. For instance if a person’s sex is female, they are expected to be feminine, they should wear dresses, smile all the time, love the color pink, wear heels, etc. However gender is a social construction. A person’s gender does not have to match their sex. Agnes’s experience highlights the relationship between sex, sex category, and gender by showing how she was able to present herself as a woman to society before she underwent sex reassignment surgery. This means that Agnes learned how to “do femininity” even though she did not classify biologically as a female, therefore showcasing that gender is in fact a social construction.

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According to Lorber, the purpose of gender as a social construct was constructed in order for women to be subordinate and inferior to men. Gender stratification is the unequal distribution o...

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...can peers because they were not being treated differently in everyday interactions, which was critical to maintain a white identity. Limitations to this identity start to arise when biracial women who are able to develop a white cultural identity hit puberty. They first become conscious of the limits of their social appearance when their ability to experience the world as racially neutral was disrupted. The boundary events showed that biracial women became more self aware of their identity once they saw that their male peers were not viewing them as dating partners; therefore hitting puberty was seen as a disruption of being unconscious to their racially unmarked middle class identity. This study is an example of an intersectional approach because it takes into account both race and class when studying how biracial women are able to develop a white cultural identity.

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