Sex Is No Longer Part Of Their Lives Essay

Sex Is No Longer Part Of Their Lives Essay

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The message of the cartoon that I have chosen is that once people reach a certain age that sex is no longer part of their lives, it becomes non existent. The cartoon also eludes that the woman in the cartoon is the one most frustrated by the lack of sex in their relationship, and that the man has a very surprised look on his face however his body language suggests a very nonchalant demeanor.
Unfortunately, this cartoon accurately depicts what it is often depicted by mainstream media outlets about the sex lives of elderly people. Although the cartoon probably does hold merit in some relationships, it certainly is not an accurate depiction of the majority. To believe that elderly couples are not engaging in sexually intimate relationships is simply immature. Health issues and concerns can certainly contribute to the belief that the elderly members of our societies are no longer engaging in sexual activity but this thought process is a product of assumption.
“Sexuality in older adults especially the sexual behaviour of elderly men and women has been shrouded in discreet silence, distaste and ignorance and most of the time it has been discussed with the view that adults who have passed reproductive age are no longer sexually interested especially women. This could lead to their family members, caregivers, and society in general ignoring their sexual needs. Therefore, there is a need to understand the sexual image of people in their middle and late adulthood” (Ekundayo, 2015)
Although the social taboos that exist with the elderly engaging in regular sexaul activity is irrelevant behind the closed doors of the bedroom and can be ignored, some of the physical effects aging can have on the body are not so easy to ignore. Some of the ...

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...'s control of the body can not be underestimated, and if the person’s self worth or confidence is compromised they will struggle with their performance in the bedroom.
Although I have outlined many of the reasons why regular sexual activity can become increasingly more difficult as we age, it is important to remember that it does not mean it is impossible. The sexual experience can be a longer and more enjoyable event because it can take a lot more effort for both parties reach full sexual arousal. Perhaps the biggest reason sex can become even more enjoyable as you age into your 40s, 50s, and beyond is because you are more familiar with your partners wants, needs, desires as well as your own. Furthermore, because you have a better understanding of your own body you are able to better communicate your own individual sexual desires to your partner (Digest, 2016)

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