Sex Is An Integral Part Of Their Lives Essay

Sex Is An Integral Part Of Their Lives Essay

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In Vienna, sex is a regular way to pass time. Sex is what I would call ‘the Viennese way’. This is so, as it appears to me that sex plays an integral part of their lives. Hence, it makes it quite comfortable for me to say that sex controls them. When it is time to celebrate, they turn to sex, during their times of boredom, they turn to sex. When Vienna’s land was undergoing turmoil, they used sex as a main source of distraction. For most people in Vienna, there is nothing that sex is unable to fix. In this essay I will be discussing how the people in Vienna allow sex to control them. First allow me to give you some backstory so that it is easier for you to follow along.
After the Duke of Vienna announced that he would be leaving town for business, he left Lord Angelo in charge (while the Duke watched in secret). Partly drunk on power and having the need to fix Vienna, Lord Angelo set a new law that was banned sex out of wedlock, having fornicators arrested and brothels destroyed. With only a week in, Lord Angelo was harshly cracking down on sex offenders and plucking down brothels. This turned the town of Vienna upside down as the residents there of were sincerely infuriated and worried, especially after Claudio, a popular man in town, was sentenced to death and his fiancé arrested.
Claudio 's sister Isabella - a nun in training, went to Lord Angelo to beg for mercy on Claudio’s life. After meeting Isabella, Lord Angelo found that he had developed a sexual attraction towards Isabella and her purity (she was a virgin). Lord Angelo then allowed his lustful cravings to control him, so he blackmailed Isabella in hopes to have sex with her. The idea of having sex with Isabella turned Angelo into a hypocrite. Simply because he outlaw...

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...s. It 's her need for money that inspires her to keep working as a Madame (even the threat of going to jail wasn 't enough to make her close down her brothels, until she was forced to because she gots thrown in jail). That is how much control sex had on her life. Even the power of sex couldn 't be shaken by one of the most powerful people in Vienna, Lord Angelo. Lord Angelo could not control his sexual desires for the virgin and nun in training Isabella. Due to those urges Angelo sunk as low as blackmailing Isabella to sleep with him in exchange for her brother 's life. Lord Angelo used sex to fulfill his lustful urges with Isabella while others used it for the indifference; Mistress Overdone with her brothel and her clientele use it for leisure. Either way, in this city, everyone finds themselves entangled with the idea, act or talk of sex. It 's the Viennese way.

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