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Sex Is An Effective Marketing Strategy Essays

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Sex Sells
During the Superbowl in 2015, I remember watching an advertisement where Kate Upton was in a drive-in theater like in the 1990‘s. Out of nowhere, she started taking off her sweater which reveals too much skin and doing really sexual awkward poses while eating the burger. I didn’t realize after watching it, it was an advertisement for Carl’s Jr’s new Jalapeno burger. This advertisement was an example of sex appeal which is used as an effective marketing strategy to attract attention to a product. In some instances, sex appeal alone is the attention-getter in an advertisement, but sometimes too much sex overpowers the ad (such as the Carl Jr’s ad), drawing attention away from the brand. Which makes the ad ineffective and displays women as a “sex object.” Food companies use women in an offensive way in their advertisements as a way to benefit their brand which is more important than them being degraded.
Although it plays a very important role in the selling process. It is a standard norm for advertisers to connect sexual desire with getting a product, or claim that possession of a given product will make more sexually attractive even when the product has nothing to do with sex. For example, Doritos is a very successful brand because they used different kind of tactics to promote their products. For instance, their famous kind of tactic is using the beautiful women to grab the audience’s focus onto the ad and they begin to look out for what is being promoted. In particular, one advertisement stood out to me. Originated from Peru during the summer. It shows a plain black background which helps focus more on the bikini body in the picture. It was half naked but instead of a normal two-piece bikini, they replace it with Dor...

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...the stereotypes surrounded around men still remain, even though they are very much inaccurate. Not only is women viewed purely as a “sex object”, now men are viewed as “player” which is just as harmful.
Sex undoubtedly sells, but the problem is that advertisers have to be careful to describe the boundaries and limits in order to fulfill the product’s effectiveness. Businesses that would like to use sexual themes in their ads should think that tactic through, because it could affect some consumers. Sex is used to see a product does get people’s attention and although not really agree with all the ads. In order for women to maintain their self-respect, it’s not only vitally important for brands to respect women and eliminate sexually degrading context. It’s also consumer’s responsibility to be aware and to not purchase products that use sex as an marketing strategy.

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