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I have often wondered what the problem with prostitution was; the act of selling sex is between the two participating in the act. I have heard many times how it hurts families, being the wives and children. Would it be better if it was free sex with another person where there were feelings involved? It seems to me, if a man or woman goes elsewhere in search of sex with no feeling that is better than a co-worker or other. Furthermore, many wants and needs are fulfilled throughout life; cars are bought that families cannot afford even homes and other indulgences why not sex? I have sold sex to my partner several times, whether it was for a washing machine, jewelry I just had to have or even vacations. We as women do it all of the time, it may not be on the street or in a licensed brother, but I ask how many times has your partner said “what’s in it for me” and the charm was turned on and the good night began.
Prostitution just may be the answer for some, if someone has something to offer that only they can offer at the time and it helps them that should be their choice. Create regulations just like every other country that feels this way. Legalization could even be good for the economy, with registered prostitutes that could possibly mean more taxes flowing to the government, less government welfare assistance, just being able to pay your own bills, along with a host of other advantages.
Of all the things changing in the world, such as watching the Rose Bowl Parade and having same sex couples to be married atop a float to the likes of same sex couples to be wed at
the Grammy Awards, is prostitution something we really want to argue or continue to criminalize. Who says it is wrong and why should it be, nothing else is anymore.


... middle of paper ... one does with their own body wastes not only valuable police protection in other ways and areas, as well as the tax payer’s money and in some cases time when they have to show up for jury duty. Criminalizing prostitution creates negative externalities all around.

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