Sex For Cash : Her Call Essay

Sex For Cash : Her Call Essay

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Sex For Cash: Her Call, Her Right
She closed the door behind her, threw her keys in the bowl next to the lamp, and let the weight of her body fall on the couch. She looked around her living room, and thought to herself how fortunate she was, but acknowledged she would not be doing this forever. However, she enjoyed the flexibility of her working schedule that allowed her to study foreign literature at the university forty-five minutes away from her apartment. In addition, a proper health benefits and a retirement plan provided the security and peace of mind she required. She was not ashamed, she no longer had to be, and her job generated the income she needed to remain financially independent. Her job no longer posed serious threats it once did, because of unresolved issues that once made her job very difficult and dangerous to perform. Now, with strict government regulations, women like her are able to live without prosecution and lead a humane life with integrity.
Unfortunately, this scenario is just a fictional tale about a day in the life of a woman who’s right to make decisions regarding her autonomy, continues to be denied, under unchanged and antiquated laws enacted over a century ago on prostitution. These are the same law that was initially created to ‘keep the virtue of proper women’ intact for the purposes of marriage and motherhood. Prostitution, which is the trading of sex in exchange for money, remains illegal today to reinforce the negative stigmas and condemn those who are associated with it. However, towards the end of the 19th century, prostitution was criminalized primarily due to sudden outbreaks of sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, fears in the community amounted and authorities responded with a law...

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...nue to criminalize prostitution that allows their abusers to go unpunished, allows advance spread on STDs, and allows organized crime to run rapidly, and with no repercussion, and finally robbing women empowerment to choose. Government has the means to make the necessary changes, to protect female prostitutes in their workplace. The success rate in Nevada, although heavily regulated, confirms that prostitution works, and it can serve to open the doors on a national level. The safety, legal recourse, and health need to be a priority so that female sex workers can sustain themselves financially. Prostitution is not the problem, violent acts of rape, murder, drugs, and human traffickers, are the real offenders. Legalizing prostitution, offers the best remedy to an otherwise current condition of shame and oppression, the key is government regulation, not criminalization.

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