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Sex Equality Essay

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Sex Equality
Title IX is a sex discrimination issue that was brought up in 1972. Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in school programs and school activities (source 1). Title IX includes all high schools, colleges, and universities. Since 1972, Title IX, has made a big difference in academics, athletics, and employment oppurtunities for girls and women. A guiding principal in America states that equal opportunity is not rhetoric (source 1).
The most drastic progress from the Title IX issue is in interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics. Although sex discrimination continues to be noticed in education and athletic programs (source 1). Title IX’s implementing regulations have exact provisions dealing with athletic programs and all scholarships. Title IX provides, to the people, the circumstances that if an institution operates or sponsors any athletic programs, they must provide equal athletic oppurtunities for both sexes. The Office for Civil Rights is to consider whether an institution is correctly issuing the athletic interest and abilities of students of both sexes (source 1).
Women now make up the majority of the students in America’s colleges and universities, along with the majority of recipients of master’s degrees (source 2). Regardless, colleges and universities still give lower amounts of treatment to women’s athletics while spending a large chunk of the money on men’s athletics. Title IX became part of the amendments of education on June twenty-third, 1972.
“No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational programs or acticity receiving federal financial assistanc...

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...that receive federal education money (source 5). The 2005 rule allowed schools to meet the requirements of the third prong by using an e-mailed survey to female students. This survey would be able to ask students about their athletic interests (source 5).
Title IX increased the amount of women that participate in college sports (source 4). The number has more than quintupled (30,000 to 186,000) since 1972. Coaches have used many ways to inflate the number of women on athletic teams. They have been trying this because the higher the number of women in college sports, the more positions can be added to men’s sports teams (source 4). It seems evident that limiting the number of women and girls is also limiting the nation as a whole (source 2). This limitation keeps females from realizing their full potential. It just gives males free reins over the world (source 2).

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