Sex Education : The Percentage Of Teen Pregnancies Essay

Sex Education : The Percentage Of Teen Pregnancies Essay

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Sex Education
The percentage of teen pregnancies is alarming. So many young girls are getting pregnant at a young age. With all this commotion going on, parents need to be more involved with their children 's life. Reason why parents need to talk about sex with their children at the age of 12. Talking about sex and sexuality in early childhood is excellent parenting. Children need to know what sex is and it causes several problems if they were to have sex too early. Talking to children about sex is never easy or comfortable. Although it might make most kids’ feel uncomfortable, it’s great to aware them before it’s too late. When parents talk to their children about sex, they will build up a relationship and the kids’ will know they will be able to go to their parents for anything they need advice on. In Planned Parenthood is imply “Sexuality includes a wide range of topics including male and female bodies and how they work, human development, reproduction, types of relationships, what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy, sexual behavior, and how to prevent pregnancy and STDs.” Having sex at a young age can cause several diseases, teen pregnancy, future spouse may have a problem with the sexual history of a person.
Talking about sex with children is such an uncomfortable subject to talk about, as some sources say. Therefore, parents should talk to their children about sex at the age of 12. Most kids develop their bodies at 12 or at any early age. Kids need to know what sex and sexuality is at a young age rather than when they’re older and they have any kind of incident. As AACAP stated, “Each year about one million teenage girls become pregnant in the United States and three million teens get a sexually transmitted disease.”...

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...x talk at the age of 12.
Ergo, parents should talk about sex with their children at the age of 12. Parents need to advise them what sex is and what it can do to them. Sex talk will prevent them from so many things such as diseases, teen pregnancy, and not finishing their school years. With the sex that kids would get from their parents might scare them to not have sex because there 's several consequences. It 's best to start the sex talk early before it’s too late. Children need to know what sex and sexuality is because some schools might not provide any Sex Ed classes, which is why parents should talk to their kid about sex at the age of 12. Parents wouldn’t want for their little girls to get pregnant or would want their children to have any diseases. So it’s best to start the talk when they’re developing their bodies and getting older as to being old and too late.

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