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Essay Sex Education Reform

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I came to age in the 70’s the era known for its sexual promiscuity and wide spread drug use. People had drug parties where having sex with others was encouraged. Couples known as swingers would swap partners or all four would have sex together. The government was experimenting with LSD and had many participants in studies on the substance and its effects on the mind. This was the era of “free love”. It was also the end of the Korean War and the beginning of the Vietnam conflict. Sex was everywhere and widely accepted in many variations.
I was raised in a small town in east central Alabama with a population of less than four thousand people. The kids I went to kindergarten with were basically the same as in High school, there were 26 of us in my class and we shared and participated in everything together from, attending church, and sports. Most of our parents were either kin to one another, or friends with the other parents. We had teen centers, where kids from the community could hang out and learn more about each other. Every center had adults that mentored us and they bonded with us and taught us a lot of life lessons as well. We had a variety of things to do from: pool tables, darts, sports, skating, and much more. These adults were role models and helped us within many aspects of life. There were around six to eight of us who when faced with peer pressure were not secure in who we were as a person or did not have good home environments some started to fall into peer pressure and do things they knew were not acceptable and could get them into trouble. Everyone started smoking marijuana, which lead to trying pills and drinking and needless to say different ones started having sex amongst each other. For most of them had never...

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... benefits, condoms should be introduced and so should STD’s. In high school we need to be more reasonable and know that there are a high percent of teens that are having sex. If we had sex education when I was in school it would have made a huge difference in the rate of unwed mothers trying to raise a baby and graduate high school.
Although I was raised in the era of love the small town country raising we got in Piedmont was what our parents called “clean living” little did they know the only clean living us kids did after adolescent was the mountain air. Nineteen of the twenty-six who graduated in the class of 1982 had a baby in the audience on graduation night, and three were pregnant with their second. Every one of us have grandchildren who range from the age of 6 – 1years. So I would say we still need sex education reform in this the 21st century.

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