Sex Education Issues : Teens Have A Bad Reputation On Having Babies At Such An Early Age

Sex Education Issues : Teens Have A Bad Reputation On Having Babies At Such An Early Age

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Sex Education Issues
Teenagers have a bad reputation on having babies at such an early age. But do they know about sex education? Do they know about what protection is out there for them? Do they know what and how to use their protection safely and cautious? Although many people believe that using contraceptives reduces the number of pregnancies, people should understand the side effects of a teenage girl and how it could affect her body in the long run. They are many reasons and issues of why the teenage pregnancy rate is high in the U.S.
They are many issues with teaching sex health the correct way. Today, many teenagers look for advice on the internet. They search for the easy way to learn about sex health. The internet might help them or just influence them to have sex without knowing the consequences. For example, how hard would it be for a teenager to raise a child? It will be hard because they will have to provide for the baby, as well as themselves, and it is not cheap to raise a child. That is why schools or parents should be able to talk and teach teenagers about sex heal...

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