Sex Education Is Not An Effective Form Of Education Essay

Sex Education Is Not An Effective Form Of Education Essay

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Sex Education in the United States
Imagine stumbling through a very dark room, unsure of what is in there, but about to make a decision that could potentially change your life forever. This dark room and decision represent someone about to have sex for the first time, after having little knowledge on what sex truly is and the consequences that often times accompany it. Sexual education has been a very big issue for debate in schools all across America. Abstinence-only sex education is a type of instruction where students are taught solely to remain abstinent, which means waiting to have sex until marriage. In these programs, they learn very little information on any type of contraception or sexually transmitted diseases. On the other hand, comprehensive sex education teaches students about contraceptives and STD’s, as well as abstinence. Abstinence-only sex education is not an effective form of education. Public schools in the United States should be required to teach comprehensive sex education, because it is more effective in reducing unwanted teenage pregnancies and STD’s. Unwanted pregnancies and STD’s cause many issues economically and for society in general, which could be reduced if comprehensive sex education was taught in high schools all around the United States.
It is debated whether any type of sex education should even be taught in schools at all. It is a belief by some that this topic is something that should be discussed and taught at home by parents and guardians. However, doing this would be even less effective than abstinence-only programs. Often times, it can be very uncomfortable for parents to have these discussions with their children. Instead of having a full honest discussion, the conversation may be cut sh...

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...sexually transmitted diseases, along with the symptoms and treatments. Just because they are not exactly deadly does not deem them unimportant. Leaving them untreated will obviously cause the number of cases to increase.
Sexual education is very vital for student’s education. The abstinence-only approach is ultimately out-of-date and is not efficient in helping students remain abstinent, because a large number of teenagers are already participating in sexual conduct. Comprehensive sex education is the proper form of education that should be taught in every single public high school in the United States. Comprehensive programs will reduce teenage pregnancy, which in-turn creates more tax dollars to be used for other things, and it will reduce STD rates which will improve the overall health of the United States. It is time to make a change in the public school systems.

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