Sex Education Is A Taboo Subject For A Long Time Essay

Sex Education Is A Taboo Subject For A Long Time Essay

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Sex education has been a taboo subject for a long time, even out of schools. Usually an ignored topic of discussion, when adults would be asked such questions by younger individuals the answers were usually misinformation and complex euphemisms. This strategy, use merely so the adult avoided embarrassing themselves, would only further confuse the person asking and it would not even answer the original question. Such examples include babies being brought to the parents by a stork, the birds and the bees, and naming the sexual organs after objects. Due to culture, such customs have been hard to get rid of and improve upon, especially with many of this shame originating from organized religion. In recent years though, conservatism on this education has lessened and allowed for students to be taught about sex, especially through health class. Sex education has been spread nationwide, even though is not required by law. It is generally agreed upon by everybody that there needs to be some type of sexual education. The discussion arises when considering what should be taught in schools and at what age. I support the idea that sex education needs to begin in kindergarten, with the material taught being reflective of maturity and in correspondence to age.
In context, it seems strange to be teaching a toddler about sex at such a young age of kindergarten. However, it is crucial information that benefits more than it hurts. It actually helps prevent and stop crimes. Knowledge of their private parts helps kids know that they should not be touched there and helps them express their discontent when it does happen. We would not want for a child to complain that somebody wants their ‘cookie’, and an adult ignores the complain because of a misunde...

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... to start teaching about actual intercourse and everything that goes with it, contraceptives, pregnancy, diseases, and healthy relationships, before puberty. Therefore, these teenagers are prepared and well aware of what is correct. Is that not the goal of sex education, to create informed individuals who make responsible and healthy decisions about their sexuality? Many young adults could have avoided issues if they were simply instructed.
Sex education is an aspect of life that affects everyone, and the fact that it is vainly dismissed is flawed. Policies so far in school seem to be changing into better programs, but sex education is also affected by the parents perspective. Kids being taught about sex education at a young age is a good thing, for in this subject ignorance is not always bliss. Hopefully the nation develops into adoptive this view in all schools.

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