Sex Education And Its Effect On Children Essay

Sex Education And Its Effect On Children Essay

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“Sex education is a very basic term used to describe a wide range of programs which aim to impart graphic, detailed, sexual information to our children” (Sex Education). During the sex education course, there could be topics that include sexual health, sexual reproduction, and sexuality. Many of these topics can make parents feel uncomfortable when talking to their children. In today’s world many children are overwhelmed with sexual advertisement everywhere they look. Sexual advertisement it made easily available to children by it being in a movie, on a magazine cover, or even in their favorite song. Sex education in public schools has been an ongoing debate on whether it prevents abstinence and educates students on teen pregnancy, as well as the transmission of STD’s; furthermore, I will form an opinion through extensive research.
“Support for sexuality education began in the 1800’s when mass public campaigns promoted the ‘regulation of sexuality’ and emphasized risk-reduction practices and health care prevention in response to cholera and syphilis epidemics” (History of Sex Education). By “1940 the U.S. Public Health Service labels school sexuality education an ‘urgent need’” (History of Sex Education). “In the early 1980’s the start of the AIDS epidemics intensified the controversies over sex education” (Gresle-Favier). “…In the 1990s, the teen birth rate in the United States remains high relative to many other developed countries” (Constantine). “A 1999 survey conducted by Hickman-Brown Research Inc. found that 93 percent of all Americans believe sex education should be taught in high school” (Masland). In 2004 “the year begins with a report from NPR/Kaiser/Kennedy School of Government that shows support for balanced...

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...can cause unplanned pregnancies and STIs. Begin taught about sex education from a young age can help students understand the consequences that unsafe sex can have.
In my opinion I also believe that it is a good idea for sex education to be taught in schools because at times students might have question but are uncomfortable asking their parents; therefore if it was taught in school students could asked question and not be judge. Many of the courses separate females and males in order for each gender to learn about their own bodies and not feel embarrassed around the opiset gender. Being able to learn about one’s body with others of the same gender can allow the students ask more personal question and not be judged. In conclusion it is a good idea for sex education to taught in the school setting because students can gain more knowledge on how to have safe sex.

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