Sex Between Masculine Depression : Externalizing Symptoms As A Primary Features Of Depression

Sex Between Masculine Depression : Externalizing Symptoms As A Primary Features Of Depression

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Sex Differences in Masculine Depression: Externalizing Symptoms as a Primary Feature of Depression in Men, is an article written by Matthew C. Genuchi, and Lauren K. Mitsunaga, published in the journal of Men’s Studies 2015, Vol. 23(3) 243–251 © 2015 SAGE Publications .In their study they seek to find out how Gender role socialization significantly affects how many men and women think, feel, and behave, which subsequently affects their depressive symptom presentation. For this study it involves an examination of symptoms of masculine depression in men and women college students. In order to develop a scale, they used the following methods, (n = 548) represented the recently developed Masculine Depression Scale (MDS). Analyses of variance (ANOVA) were used to test for significant differences between men’s and women’s scale and subscale scores on the MDS overall. From their results it indicated that men endorsed significantly more externalizing symptoms than women. Due to clinical and research implications, and limitations of the study, they concluded future research would also need to be done
According to the article, “one of the most debilitating and costly mental illnesses worldwide is major depressive disorder (MDD), as the World Health Organization (WHO) has ranked MDD as the third leading cause of global disease burden (WHO, 2004)”. The study also states that in a given year approximately 6.7 % of the United States population will be diagnosed with MDD. In addition, one of the consistent findings in their studies of the frequency of MDD is that women are diagnosed with depression much more frequently than men. Stating that, over the course of a lifetime, 13% of men and 20% of women in the United States are expected to...

... middle of paper ... made with caution. However, despite the limitations they found this study furthers a rapid growth of scientific literature focused on alternative symptoms of depression in men. In the study the results showed that men are more likely than women to show externalizing symptoms that are not included in DSM-5. One way to eliminate some limitations is to increase the amount of students surveyed. A test group of only 548 students is not a sufficient amount of data to warrant promising results. Another issue that could be address is the demographic of the student’s grade levels. This study had a large percentage of freshmen for both men and women. Being a freshman once I stress level masculinity and depression can be extremely higher of lower when entering college. Seeking seniors and juniors for this study could of produce significantly different results.

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