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Unlike many, many, many of you out there that completely HATED this movie, I on the other hand was appeased. Right now, I know you all (that have seen the movie) probably think I'm nuts, but before you judge me, read my review and explanations.

For those who have not yet seen the movie and plan on it: DO NOT READ THIS!

Now, I think a huge reason why I didn't find this movie so horrible is because I went in with hugely low expectations based on the trailer, so the few funny and likable parts of the film to me were a huge success. But yes, I do agree with many of those out there, it's still shameful compared to the series, and even the last film. I don't even understand why they even bothered with a sequel, to me that's beating a dead horse and tarnishing the success that is Sex and the City.
This movie was trite, there, I've said it, now on with the review.

What I liked about it:

I loved seeing the girls, and it was especially nice seeing Miranda far more chipper and positive than I've ever seen her, but without it taking away from her personality.

I also enjoyed the few funny moments, like their camel ride and where Charlotte had camel toe. And also, albeit really silly and more boy-like humour, the nanny with no bra.

And most of the fashion was ridiculous, but I always thought that even in the series and last movie, the fashion has always been ridiculous, even living in NYC, I don't know why anyone would wear 90% of the things they are costumed in. The ultimate article of outrageously ugly fashion in this film is Samantha's spiky, glittery, shoulder armor during their karaoke moment. I mean seriously, what the hell is that??! Seems far more dangerous than anything else. And for the longest time, Carrie's wardro...

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...nd Smith and Aiden were the worst of it, I just didn't see the major point of it. Smith only showed up to provide a reason for the girl to jet off to Abu Dhabi, and Aiden just to appease what I think are some SATC fans previous wishes, but it just didn't fit all that well, other than to now ruin the image of Aiden as a possible jerk that would cheat on his wife and mother of his 3 children. Oh, and let's not forget Stanford and Anthony, I thought it was a little lame that they end up marrying each other, it's just so cliché (not to mention the appearance of Liza Minnelli singing "Put a Ring on it").

So there you have it, and it looks like in fact that my opinion isn't really all that different from mostly everyone else. I think the only difference is that I got over the fact that SATC 2 was gonna bomb since the trailer and was able to enjoy the few tidbits of fun.

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