Sex and Teen Pregnancy: Paying the Price for Your Actions Essay

Sex and Teen Pregnancy: Paying the Price for Your Actions Essay

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The emotion that most girls face when they find out they are pregnant is shock and then denial, and they start to panic.When the panic settles, the girl is faced with a decision, should she terminate the pregnancy, keep the baby, or give it up for adoption once it is born. These are all extremely tough decisions for someone to make who should be worrying about which Jonas Brother they are going to have the crush on.There are also risks for things such as sexually transmitted diseases, and emotions that are beyond your control.
Terminating the pregnancy is also known as an abortion. This is a procedure that is done in a doctors office where they can do things one of two ways. They have medication that they can give you that will dilate your cervix, opening the passage for a small vacuum to enter your uterus and bring the baby to a container to be disposed of. This can happen up to about 12 weeks. If you are not far enough along for the vacuum technique they will take a long needle with a saline solution and inert it into the uterus area dissolving the fetus back into the body. This ...

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