Sex And Emotional Attraction : Ricky And Her Best Friend Essay

Sex And Emotional Attraction : Ricky And Her Best Friend Essay

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The movie begins by Ricky and her best friend having a conversation about how ‘guys only want to get inside girls’ pants’. Ricky made a remark stating that she should maybe date girls and her reason for that is because she is just not interested on sex, she actually wants to find love and get married to someone special and she feels that is attainable by dating girls. That informs the audience that Ricky’s “pattern of sexual and emotional attraction is based on the gender of one’s potential partner” (Perspectives on Human Sexuality. (2013). In Human Sexuality (p. 17). McGraw-Hill). In continuation, Ricky works at a coffee shop where a new client named Francesca walked in complimenting Ricky’s hair and straight bangs. Francesca- the client assumes Ricky is a female because of her external female characteristics.
The movie’s portrayal of sexuality is about a young transgender woman living in the South, where it is a place known for more conservative viewpoints regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. However, Ricky’s family shows her a lot of love and acceptance which was important to portray in the movie because it displays support and acknowledgement. Throughout the movie, the main character Ricky meets a new friend named Francesca who happens to question Ricky’s sexuality in different events throughout the film. Ricky explains she is a transgender woman when she first meets Francesca because she thinks it is important for people to know and understand her sexuality. Subsequently, Francesca asks for clarification of the term “transgender woman”, Ricky explains she was born as a biological boy and once she gets more oriented with Ricky’s sexuality she begins to think Ricky is a very beautiful, unique, and significant huma...

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...y was super confident of herself made me realize that I appreciate her confidence.
I learned about a transgender woman’s experience, struggles, battles, and identity complexities. This movie has so much to offer to open minded viewers. This movie has the ability to demonstrate that we are all the same! We are all human beings, we all want to feel love, we all want to love and be loved, and we all want to be happy. The message this movie sends out is that it can help anyone who is struggling with gender identity, sexuality, self acceptance in any and all forms. That includes any type of insecurities- feelings and thoughts that are not pretty. Also, to follow your dreams. Ricky was ready to give up being a fashion designer but she didn’t give up and she moved so she can be able to make her dreams come true. I loved this movie a lot I would recommend people to watch it.

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