Sewing Machines And The Sewing Table Essays

Sewing Machines And The Sewing Table Essays

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When done with sewing, the machines will stay on their sewing table. If I happened to have gotten out my other two sewing machines, I would put them back in their box and tuck them away under the sewing table, but that is only for assembly line sewing if I have the embroidery machine running. The iron would be unplugged and left on the ironing table. As the iron cannot be used with tap water, I would have used bottled water. If the water bottle was empty, I would throw it outside in the recycling bin, but if it is still partially full, it will sit on the sewing table. Thread clippings on the floor would be vacuumed up and later thrown in the trash can once I empty the vacuum. Otherwise most thread clippings and very, very thin slivers of fabric scraps (ones that usually come off of the fabric when the serger is used) are oftentimes thrown outside for the birds to use in nest making. Scraps of fabric, depending on their size and shape, are either given to my friend to use in the making of doll clothing here in Springfield, or put into a brown paper bag for me to later use for quilt blocks or dice bags. Scissors, thread, needles, and pins all go back into their designated places. If I cut out a pattern, the tissue paper excess will go into the recycle pin outside. Interfacing (Pell-On) scraps are often saved in the hanging pocket off of my ironing board for later use, usually when reinforcing button holes or buttons. I will try to fold up the pattern correctly to fit back exactly into its envelope but I will always put the envelope into its own gallon sized Ziploc bag and put into the appropriate drawer. By the end of the day everything will go back into their correct spots, give or take my laziness. By th...

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...g they could have a harder time placing. I assumed they’d be able to determine that the shell came from an ocean, came here by trade or purchase, and was altered as a Dremel grinds the shell down into a fine powder. I know we use to grind oyster shells down and mix the dust into our chicken feed to provide extra nutrients in making an eggshell stronger when the hen laid them, this could be one possible solution they could come up with but I have no chickens or a pen set up outside to have one think that as a possibility.
Behaviorally I would assume that they could piece this place together as some sort of assembly place as most items that relate to the production of material goods would be missing and there would be no way to determine that this may have been a living area for humans. I would interpret this place as a simple dwelling that one may have lived in.

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