Severe Mental Illness : Group Therapy Session Essay

Severe Mental Illness : Group Therapy Session Essay

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Severe Mental Illness Psychoeducation Group
The presented group therapy session was psychoeducational group for a diverse set of individuals with different symptoms pertaining to specific severe mental illnesses. The goal was to facilitate a group that would allow for interpersonal group and trust between group members while implementing skills to avoid procrastination. The group’s presenting symptoms ranged from low to high functioning and compulsive to negative presentations. The group was created to be interactive and required consistent interaction by the group facilitator to continue engagement and participation from group members.
McFarlan (1995) reports that group psychoeducational groups are more effective then single treatment in tending remission. This is crucial as this group is highly symptomatic and thus requiring more attention to treatment then other group experiencing mental health issues. There is also a cost benefit to group therapy allowing individuals experiencing severe mental illnesses to attend therapy without the need to pay the higher costs of individual therapy (Scott et al., 2009). Group therapy can engage with individuals and allow them to create coping skills for their symptoms to reduce their severity and occurrences. Although it is common for clients to be on medications as well as participate in group therapy, group therapy can provide assistance in addition to the medication allowing the client to have a better outcome. Heimberg et al., (1998) reports that group therapy has shown similar results to medication alone for symptoms of social phobia. The study also reports that when groups are experiencing group therapy in addition to taking medication for their symptoms, the best results are accumula...

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... an understanding that individual in the SMI population are dysfunctional and unproductive, that is an inaccurate portrayal and unfair to their dedicated application to their journey in mental health recovery.
In summation, the facilitator experienced both positive and negative aspects during the in-class group session. It was a challenge to integrate the components of facilitating a SMI psychoeducational group with peers in a way that allowed for the group to understand what it was to both experience a SMI group and facilitate one. Furthermore, because the experience of the facilitator was never at that level of problematic clients, a false narrative was presented to what a typical SMI group session was. Still, there were many learning experiences that were obtained through the session, which is integral for the advancement of the facilitator and his peers.

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