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The Seventh-Day Adventists Essay

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Seventh-day Adventists
The Seventh-day Adventists are one of the many different branches of Christianity. The Adventists came about during the 19th century and began with the “Millerite Movement” (“Seventh-Day Adventists”, 2013). The movement was started by an American Baptist preacher by the name of William Miller, who believed that the Second Coming - the return of Christ to Earth - would occur between March 21, 1843 and March 21, 1844 (“Seventh-Day Adventism”, 2004). This prediction was largely based off Daniel 8:14 in the Bible (See slide 4). Since he and his followers believed in this imminent advent, or return, they were called “Adventists” (“Seventh-Day Adventism”).
According to an article on Seventh-Day Adventism (2004), when Christ failed to show on the predicted date, a reluctant Miller endorsed a group of his followers called the “seventh-month movement”. This group followed the claims of a man named Samuel Snow, who linked the Second Coming of Christ with the seventh month of the Jewish calendar, changing the predicted date to October 22, 1844 (“Seventh-Day Adventism”). However, when Christ failed to appear many followers left the movement, which became known as “The Great Disappointment”. Miller was among those who left, leaving his position as leader and forswearing any new prediction dates, though he continued to await Christ’s return until his death in 1849 (“Seventh-Day Adventists”, 2013).
Those who stayed in the movement continued to call themselves Adventists and split into many different and competitive factions that continued to teach what Miller had preached and continued studying the Bible (“Seventh-Day Adventists”, 2013). For about twenty years the Adventist movement was a rather disorganized group that...

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