Essay on Seven Simple Attributes of Life

Essay on Seven Simple Attributes of Life

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There are many distinctive characteristics of life; most are evident throughout out lives, and blatantly evident in the minute observation of other life of this planet. Life has seven simple attributes.
The first feature of life is the fact that we are all composed of cells. Cells are the smallest unit of life, and life can be composed of either one cell or many cells, unicellular and multicellular, respectively. Bacteria is an example of unicellular life, and us homo sapiens are an example of multicellular life. A single cell itself is not extremely tangible or plainly visible, we cannot feel bacteria unless it's in extremely large quantities. On the other hand, we are tangible, animals are easily visible, and I can roll a blade of grass between my fingers and observe its green color. It is obvious that we have a large quantity of cells, coexisting and coordinating our body. Therefore we must be multicellular.
Our next shared characteristic is our ability to reproduce. Reproduction is creating new life of the same species. It comes in many forms; cells can duplicate itself, and multicellular organisms may or may not create offspring sexually. Reproduction is all around us; a mother holding her newborn child; bacterium cells splitting into daughter cells. It is even within our bodies, and those of other multicellular organisms; we all grow, especially in this adolescent age, because our internal cells are reproducing, and growing is a vicarious and observable concept; we have been through it ourselves, like other multicellular organisms.
The third attribute of life is our metabolism. Life is not simply stagnant and immobile, even if life appears to be still, like plant life. Whatever life is in question, it is constantly worki...

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... lives gained more pigment, melatonin, in their skin to ward of the harmful effects of sunlight; people who constantly had to do heavy work for most of their lives gained thick muscle, that tended to be passed on to their children and allowed the children to accomplish the hard work with less effort.
The last common attribute of life is our interdependence. It's obvious in the way us humans depend on communication with each other; it's obvious when we leave our footprint upon the environment and eat other organisms. It's blatant in the food chains created among animals. Plants interact with each other and the environment around, too; ivy leans on the wall of our home, and fungi depend on the organism they live on to provide them with their needs.
Conclusively, life has many characteristics. If life is lacking in just one sole characteristic, it is not life anymore.

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