Seven Roles of Chief Legislator: Barack Obama Essay

Seven Roles of Chief Legislator: Barack Obama Essay

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Chief Legislator is supposed to be the highest position in the United States. Otherwise known as the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama currently holds that position; however, there is a lot of conflict between Obama and congress which is putting a damper on future plans to help improve the country. The government is setup so there is equality within the system, Congress and the President go hand and hand even though sometimes it might not work out the way it was planned. Sometimes the outcome can all depend on the views of the President and Congress. Like for instance now, Obama is a democrat and Congress is mainly Republicans so they have trouble meeting eye to eye.
Just some of the duties as Chief Legislator include: Initiating an agenda for Congress, speak of his goals to accomplish in the State of the Union message, set the direction for the United States foreign policy, and make treaties with the consent and advice from the Senate. Congress has a lot of power on its own as well, they have the right to make laws, declare war, impeach and try federal officers, raise and provide public money and oversee how it’s used, approve presidential appointments, approve treaties negotiated by the Executive Branch, and oversee investigations. (Capitol Visitor Center, n.d., p. xx-xx) Congress is divided into the House of Representatives which is determined by the size of a state’s population, and the Senate which has a person for every state in America so there is equality for decisions.

7 Roles of Chief Legislator
One of the seven duties is the Chief of State, this role is very important to the citizens in America and even in foreign countries to see that the leader of our country is a genuine, caring person. Th...

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