Essay about The seven Pillars of Quality in Health Care

Essay about The seven Pillars of Quality in Health Care

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In analyzing risks as a risk manager, has to consider patient safety, which would include activity, process, and policies in reducing harm to patients from errors. The aim should be to prevent harm to patients and avoid costly medical mal practice suits. A risk management process should be clearly understood and stated in order to apply appropriate measures. In implementing an effective risk management plan, Avedis Donabedian, introduced a model that is called the seven pillars of quality in health care. Efficacy, which focuses on improving a patient’s well-being. Efficiency emphasizes focus on an organization obtaining the best improvements at the lowest costs. Optimality the balance of costs and benefits for all in the organization as well as the patients. Acceptability which involves catering to the wishes expectations and each patients values. Legitimacy the provision of care that is acceptable to all of society. Equity the distribution of care amongst everyone fairly and of course the consideration of cost the optimizing of cost –benefit ratio. Threw his work he established that a breakdown within an organization is a series of events that led up to the error. . Patient safety has been the major focus of risk management in today’s healthcare system. To carefully analyze records to avoid medication errors and providing the best care possible. Clinical staff must be a consideration when applying a risk management plan educating them on advances in safer practices and use of new equipment and technology to apply safe care to their patients. To provide safety to patients and also to clinical staff in assuring they understand the policies and procedures that are set in place for their protection. Every organization has protocol...

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