Seven Habits to Make you Successful Essay

Seven Habits to Make you Successful Essay

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Are you feeling as if your life is out of control? Or do you want to get your parents off your back so you might be able to live your life as you want?
Each person may face many problems that make him to turn his real life off without trying to solve the problems. So, I would like to share with you 7 habits that can make you to be happy and successful in your life. Furthermore, these habits are things we do daily and some of them we don’t aware if we are having them or not. Generally, these 7 habits can help to get control of your life, improve your relationship with friends, achieve your goals and increase your self-confidence. By now, I’m sure that you are feeling wonder what these habits are, so here they are
Habit 1: Be proactive
This habit says I am the captain of my life and I’m the one who choose my attitude. Thus, being proactive is the first step that helps you to achieve your goal because you will have a responsibility for your own life. For example, we are responsible for our own lives, and we have the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen. Overall, to be proactive or reactive is your choice. Proactive people recognize that they can’t control everything but they can control what they do about it. As well, they are not easily offended, and they make choices based on values. While, reactive people make choices based on impulse and they are easily offended. Furthermore, proactive people put the control into your hand while reactive people take the power away.
There are two points which help you to identify the difference between proactive and reactive people more. The first one is listening to the type of language that people use. Proactive people language sounds like I’ll do it, I can do better th...

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... when you worry about your grades. In addition, I hope that I attract your mind and emotion to help you to develop your habits because what I discuss in my presentation can make your life to become more effective. Personally, I feel that the 7 habits can assist you in several ways. First, it helps you to understand other people and to not blame other people’s actions. Second, it helps to create personal mission of statement which keep working to achieve your goals. Next, it helps to learn about communications skills such as active listening and much more. Indeed, the 7 habits have most effective strategies because of providing a plan to be a good person who deals with the colleagues, family, and friends in life and to develop individual skills. And now I would like to conclude by leaving you with this English poet “We first make our habits then our habits make us.”

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