Essay about Settings: Much More than a Background

Essay about Settings: Much More than a Background

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Settings: Much More than a Background
Your plane has crashed in the middle of an ocean, but a single, secluded lighthouse might be sanctuary. After exploring the lighthouse, you find a pod which takes you deep into the ocean, revealing an underwater city. The pod arrives at its location, and you are greeted to a dark room with a sign naming the city “Rapture” and stating that in this city, there are “No gods, only man.” The darkness and eeriness of the room signifies that all is not right in this utopia. Just as you think the pod is about to open, a shrouded figure appears and attempts to attack the pod. Although it is not much more than a shadow, one thing that is easily discernible that this creature used to be human, but due to some form of mutation, the humanoid has developed with hooks for hands and a murderous attitude. Once the mutated beast departs, the pod opens and low lights come on to reveal blood soaks floors and water streaming down the walls. This beginning to Bioshock sets the tone for the remainder, but most of all, the destruction ridden setting provides information to what happened to this corrupted city that caused the citizens to become blood hungry monsters. Best stated by Chris Toms, “The setting... helps with the mood of the story. It helps tie the story together, the theme must coincide with the setting, if not the story would not make sense to the audience” (Toms). This statement points out the major tasks a setting must uphold in the creation of a story and how the theme must match it. Obviously, with so much revolving around the setting, it is easy to see why a setting can make or break any game. Although a setting is defined as a background, it is a work of art diligently worked on by developers to ...

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...e which helped me fully soak in my surroundings: Journey. Journey is exactly what the title states it is, a journey. In addition to being a journey, it also takes you through a spanning desert, shattered ruins, and a mountain top that is always in view and shows the objective that you wander towards in your adventure. Each setting is magnificent and will amaze any player who passes through them. Therefore, I genuinely believed that in today's gaming society, settings are highly under appreciated and deserve to be taken into a players heart
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as if the player were visiting a foreign country or a national monument, and experience a feeling of bliss to recognize that the work put into that location was meant to mesmerize them and become a second world that is felt through a controller yet feels like a location that can be felt and experienced in real life.

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