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The Setting Of This Play Essay

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1. Based on the notes about the setting of this play, how important are time and place in this play, and how are they important?

First off, the time in this play is in 1400 and the place is in a room in Hebble Tyson’s house. The time in this is especially important since this was the time that not many women were able to choose who they wanted to marry and sometimes they didn’t even know the man they were marrying. This relates to the book in that Alizon wants to marry Humphrey but Nicholas, Humphrey’s brother, insists that he marry him instead. For instance, Nicholas claims that “it’s [him she] is going to marry” (pg. 16). Overall, this suggests that Alizon doesn’t really have much of a choice as she is being continuously pressured by Nicholas to marry him.

2. How does this part of Act 1 address issues of individuality and of social position?

Act 1 addresses issues of individuality and social position by giving each individual character his or her own set of problems. For example, Alizon is distinguished from the other characters by being portrayed as the victim in a love triangle. When Nicholas tells Alizon to marry her, she rejects him and says how she “[has] to be the wife of Humphrey” (pg. 16). In addition, Thomas is represented as a fool compared to everyone else when he says he “want[s] to be hanged” (pg. 11). As a result, his crazy request makes the rest of the characters appear more normal.

3. How does this part of Act 1 use the image of the noose?

When mentioning the noose in Act 1, it’s described as “sweet pretty…. [and] nice” (pg. 12). A noose is typically used to hang people. In this context, Thomas describes the noose so positively to portray that the noose is the only thing that will fulfill his wish. This co...

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... him Alizon will marry instead of Humphrey. As a reply, Allizon notes how she has “to be the wife of Humphrey” (pg. 16). However, in modern day, this would seem like a simple solution where the girl would be able to easily choose Humphrey and there would not be much conflict. Because this is in the 1400s though, the girl does not necessarily have that much control.

10. What terms/vocabulary do you not know? What are their definitions?

One word I didn’t know was “swart” (pg. 14). After looking this up, I found out that it means dark-skinned. I also didn’t know “Septuagesima” (pg. 13) which means the 3rd Sunday before Lent. In addition, I found out that a “belfry” (pg. 19) is a bell tower. An “alderman” (pg. page 21) means a member of a municipal legislative body. Lastly, “coprolite” (pg. page 22) means a stony mass consisting of fossilized fecal matter of animals.

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