Setting Goals Are Important For Success Essay

Setting Goals Are Important For Success Essay

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Setting Goals are extremely essential to acquire success. If there is an aim and determination, then nothing can stop from fulfilling the goals. I have always set goals in my life and more specifically, in writing and reading. Before coming to Sac State and taking English 10 and 11, I had few goals which I wanted to fulfill. My ultimate goal in writing and reading is to get advance and go beyond my expertise. I only wanted to obtain new knowledge in writing and reading, but the first year learning goals helped me understand what I need to work on to achieve my ultimate goal. I have learned to read variety of texts and write different styles of writing in English. The work I have done in each semester has fulfilled almost all of the first year learning goals.
Learning new ways of writing and reading is very significant because it helps us become a better writer and reader. Goal#1 is “To help students understand the ways that readers read and writers write in and beyond university.” Some of the texts which I have read last semester which has left a huge impact on me are “Unteaching th...

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