Essay on Setting Goals And The Process

Essay on Setting Goals And The Process

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Setting goals and the process that you use to achieve them, is a very vital part of the success and outcome of your desired targets and dreams. Recently I have been assigned to choose and short term as well as a long-term goal to attempt to accomplish. In this paper I will walk you through the steps that I took and the emotions that I went through during this process. My first initial thoughts about picking goals, was that it was going to be easy; turns out the process was actually a lot more difficult than I had anticipated. My purpose of this paper is not only to share with you my personal experience through this assignment, but also to give some inspiration to never give up on something that your heart desires.
I’ve always had a competitive personality, saying this you could only imagine the very high standards that I would set for myself. So it might not surprise you that my short-term goal is to achieve straight A’s and keep them by Thanksgiving break. Given the fact of my aggressive nature, your first thoughts could be, this is too easy of a goal to set for someone like myself. Unfortunately, I have learning disabilities as well as some mental illnesses that have always made school challenging. Straight A’s is something I’ve never been able to achieve, so starting college at the age of 27, I decided that this was a challenging, yet suitable short-term goal that I wanted to dedicate myself to.
Using DAAPS as a guideline to begin my course of action, really helped me through the entirety of this process. I made a deadline, which was to go into Thanksgiving break with straight
A’s, also making it specific. The fact that I have never made all A’s and no one was forcing me, I feel I created a personal attribute to my goal. To ...

... middle of paper ... with you, my objective is to show you that it is not always easy, but with a plan and some dedication you can achieve anything you put your mind to. There are several tools you can use, as well as people that can help you if you just have the courage to reach out. If you are like me you might have struggled with your pride getting in the way of asking for help, but I’m here to tell you now that if you can set aside your pride one time just to try the method I mentioned, maybe you will find yourself
in a different mindset than you anticipated. Furthermore, you will come to find that your goals will be easier to achieve, if you consider being open-minded and trying something out of your comfit zone. I have not yet completed my long-term goal, but from the evidence that I have provided you, you can see that I am well on my way to succeeding in completing my mission.

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