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Stephen McQueen’s movie, 12 Years of a Slave, tells the story of Solomon Northup, a free African-African, who is kidnapped and sold back into slavery in the 1840s. In one of the scenes, Northup stands in a room where he and other African-Americans are being put on for sale; however, the slaves around him were on display with not one piece of clothing on. By having no clothes on, the people purchasing a slave would be able to see how well condition each slave was to determine the value or worth of each slave. Even though these sales took place in the 1840s, discrimination of this nature still exists today.
The American media has an influential tactic to get people to consume their merchandise through the appeal of sexuality; consequently, this tactic causes the problem of sexualization. Sexuality is a healthy desire among female and males to intercourse for emotional and physical purposes, but sexualization is “about being an object for the pleasure of others, about being display for others.”(Sax 12) The women of American society find themselves on a regular bases being judge and ridicule on their body image through the media. The media has been able to convince people that a woman’s acceptance or value is through the requirement that her appearance should be unrealistically thin, always young, and a face engulfed by make-up. By influencing society, the American media has placed bondage over women to pressure them to live up to a false standard of being a woman.
Beginning with their childhood, females are exposed to a perspective of a false way to gain one’s affection through Walt Disney’s productions of Cinderella.
Cinderella portrays a girl who seeks the desire to be loved and included due to the neglect and mistreatment fro...

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