Sesame Street and its Effects on Children Essay

Sesame Street and its Effects on Children Essay

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Over time there has been a major debate over television and children. Some think that kids shouldn’t watch it, some say that it is okay in moderation, and others say it doesn’t have any effects. The real debate starts when one starts to talk about the content of the shows. Sesame Street is a show that most would say is for all ages, but is it truly educational? Can kids really learn from it?
Media Choice. Description of media
Sesame Street is a TV show directed towards children. It contains Muppets that experience some of the same problems that today’s children face. They talk about being a good sport, getting new kids in their families, having arguments with their friends, and sharing, just to name a few. While helping children deal positively with the things they are dealing with, the show also has an educational aspect exposing children to letters, numbers, and other pre-literacy items. With all of this being advertised it’s important to make sure that the educational aspect is actually positively influencing the millions of children that watch it.
Article and Book Reflection
Sesame Street’s Affects
Mares and Pan’s (2013) research shows that Sesame Street does have a positive influence on children’s learning overall, but it is not significant enough to say that Sesame Street teaches children. When Mares and Pan (2013) looked at the effects of Sesame Street on low SES (Social Economic Status) children, however they found that it has a significantly positive effect on their knowledge.
When looking at the “Sesame Street TV review” found on, Sesame Street got 5 stars when it comes to quality. The review also says that it is appropriate for all ages (“Sesame Street TV Review”). If that wasn’t ...

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