Essay on Serving Unhealthy Meals For School Children

Essay on Serving Unhealthy Meals For School Children

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Serving Unhealthy Meal to U.S School Children

Imagine entering into a school cafeteria and being seated at any one of the lunch tables. The first thing one may take notice of is the obese or heavier students also seated at the tables. This probably wouldn’t have been nearly as noticeable thirty years ago. Yet, child obesity rates have nearly doubled in thirty years according to the Centers for Disease and prevention Control. Students are making unhealthy meal choices or eating unhealthy foods such as soda pop, candy bars, foods loaded with preservatives, and unhealthy fats. Now, imagine sitting down in the same cafeteria where the students have been educated about healthy food choices. Vending machines had been removed, and parents had made an effort to help their children eat healthy. Due to increasing rates of U.S childhood obesity in the past thirty years, investing in serving healthy meals to school children never sounded so reasonable. The only way we can accomplish our goal is through healthier meals, wiser spending, and getting students to participate.
The USDA constructed a report in 2008 trying to detail the health issues with school lunch programs. In the report, the USDA sums up the issues with the program as being solvable through meal nutrition, increased funding and student participation (Ralston et al.). The most alarming information in the report is the lack of student participation. If parents work together with the school system to educate and help encourage their children to eat healthier, one problem could be eliminated altogether. So, how do we get the school system and parents to work together? One option is to have co-op gardens at school where students ...

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...n spite of an increase in the number of U.S childhood obesity, we can help our children develop healthy eating habits by serving nutritious lunches at school. Schools are spending too much on subjects or activities that don’t influence children’s future as much as quality food. Reprioritizing the way schools spend money can help free up funds for healthier lunches. Schools don’t only hold the proverbial lighter in this wild fire, so do parents. Parents need to get involved. They need to serve healthy food at home, exposure to healthy foods should start with things such as planting a garden at home if possible. The facts are simple. Students should be taught to eat healthy, shown to eat healthy, and given the opportunity to eat healthy. In that case, the issue will almost certainly work itself out with everyone involved parents, students, schools, and the government.

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