Service Settings Are The First Thing Essay

Service Settings Are The First Thing Essay

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Service Settings are The First Thing
Students See at Universities

Differentiation between Universities:
A college/ university is not just a place of learning and knowledge, the backstage of a college is business style establishment and their main goal, which they won’t ever admit, is to make money from students while giving them an education. With the ever-expanding number of colleges/universities in the nation, schools are in need to find ways to differentiate themselves and stand out to the prospective moneybags aka students. Differentiation is easy for schools, some are big (D1) some are small (NAIA), some are known for their Business Programs while others are known for their Education or Law Programs. Size and Programs offered are a easy way of differentiation. Getting a degree is a core service, a bachelors is a bachelors no matter what. The supplementary element of that degree is what differentiates the degree and gives a competitive advantage to the university.
Students looking at higher education in the state of Nebraska have quit the array of schools to choose from. They can go the junior college route with McCook or Western Nebraska, the NAIA route with Hastings, Bellevue or Concordia, the D2 route with UNK, Chadron or Wayne State or the D1 route with UNL, UNO or Creighton. Each school has a specialization that attracts students in numerous ways. UNK does a great job with specialization and the array of opportunities for students within the University alone.
Lets focus in on the Sports Management Program offered at UNK, which is found under the Kinesiology and Sports Science Department. UNK offers both a major and minor in this field, which is a customization to those students who may want it to be their main focu...

... middle of paper ... walls to reflect the school colors. Sketch a giant Lopers head to pay tribute to the athletes (who are majority of the Sports Management students) that wear it with pride on their jersey. Students of this program are there for one reason, sports, sports are vibrant and loud and the image of the classrooms is the exact opposite.

Differentiation is the driving force for most service marketers. It allows a company to being competitive within the industry and to offer customization to their consumes. The core service will get a company/organization nowhere; it’s the supplementary service of the core that helps the company stand out. The University of Nebraska at Kearney Sport Management Program gives students an advantage by using numerous different approach models to not only better the student but also help them stand out to future employers.

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