The Service Quality Of The Airline Industry Essay

The Service Quality Of The Airline Industry Essay

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The airline industry is a very popular service in today’s society. This particular service has become a staple in the travel industry itself. Individuals all over the world use this service every day for a multitude of purposes, including but not limited to: business functions, vacations, visiting friends and family, and other purposes. Because many people use this service it is important that the service quality is exceptional and that customers are satisfied. By using the SERVQUAL model it is easy to see what needs are being fulfilled in the industry and what aspects need work.
According to the Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, “Service quality can be defined as a consumer’s overall impression of the relative efficiency of the organization and its services” (Huang). The study that the journal used was specifically for an airline in Taiwan. The Journal broke down each individual factor of SERVQUAL including reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, and responsiveness along with tables and charts that show how each category ranked in comparison.
The first part of the SERVQUAL scale, reliability, was ranked as one of the lowest scores on table 2. Table 2 which consists of the measurement model results ranked reliability with a .82 rating. According to the table, many customers had a problem with the overall décor and seating comfortability along with on time arrivals and departures. These two categories rated in the .70 range while the highest rated aspect of the reliability measurement model results was ultimately safety with a .81 rating. The airline should look into their décor and comfortability of their seats according to table 2. These factors could boost the overall rating of reliability and ...

... middle of paper ... open to flying with the airline because they are ultimately saving money. This would most likely increase empathy on the SERVQUAL scale because individuals desire this specific aspect. This would also be significant for any market segment who are looking for a great value or travel with a large family.
The SERVQUAL scale plays a major part in service quality and can help companies make decisions about their current processes and possible opportunities. It is important that the airline take these findings and improve characteristics that could potentially improve their overall service. If the airline does not make any changes it is possible that another airline service will enter the market and ultimately surpass them in the future. This is why it’s vital airline companies to use the SERVQUAL scale in order to determine the effectiveness of their service quality.

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