The Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction Essay

The Service Quality And Customer Satisfaction Essay

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2. Literature review
The literature review is to present the already known – researched information of the areas that are related and meaningful to this research study (Saunders et al. 2012). Thus, the literature review will not only contribute in getting a much greater understanding in the research topic but also will enable to identify the gaps that need to be researched or questions that are not clearly answered. By classifying and examining previous studies the appropriate information and clear understanding will be achieved that will allow and also ensure that the current study is not repeating the same research or answering same questions. For this literature review the following key words were used for narrowing down the study material: Service Quality AND Customer Satisfaction, Health Management, SERVQUAL, RATER, SERVQUAL GAPS.

One of the most useful models for measuring the service quality in the healthcare industry is the SERVQUAL model. This framework had been created by the Parasurama et al. (1985) which, on the early stages of the model they had identified ninety-seven qualities or factors that later on were shortened just to ten for more practical use of the model. The dimensions establish a huge effect on service quality and were considered as the principles that were significant to assess customers’ expectations, perceptions and satisfaction levels (Kumar et al., 2009).

The SERVQUAL scale, also acknowledged as Parasuraman, or RATER, has been tested and verified that it is one of the best technique to measure and evaluate the quality of services provided to patients. As Brown et al., (1993) stated on their research that is a model that is reliable and consistent. They discovered that, when qualifie...

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...e, poor employee-job and technology-job fit, unsuitable supervisory control systems, lack of mistreating control and absence of communication and group work.
Gap 4: service delivery against external communications as a result of insufficient infrastructures.
Gap 5: the difference between customer and their insights of the service carried out is a result of the effects of the customer’s side and the gaps on the part of the service provider (Curry 1999).
Gap 6: The discrepancy between customer expectations and employees ' perceptions: as a result of the differences in the understanding of customer expectations by front-line service providers (Tanghe 2002).
Gap 7: The difference between employee 's insights and management perceptions: resulting the differences in the understanding of customer expectations between managers and service providers (Tanghe 2002).

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