Service Learning Reflection Paper : Service

Service Learning Reflection Paper : Service

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Service-Learning Reflection Paper
Over the last semester, working with the Burnett County Health Department has allowed me to grow in my professional field as well as in my personal life. Allowing me with opportunities to work with the community and better their overall health status.
Understanding our project is important in learning the significance of our service here at Burnett County health department. Over the last few months, we have discovered many statistics that are beneficial to understanding the health status in Burnett County, WI. Prior to our work, previous students collected a survey regarding health issues in Burnett. This information was then relayed to our clinical group. After we placed the data into an excel spreadsheet and reviewed the findings at the community forum, we observed that there are three top health issues in the county. These issues included alcohol and drug use, mental health, and tobacco use. Our next step was to determine ways to overcome and help eliminate these issues, we dug into resources available around the area, and are now helping the providers, community, and other personnel implement these interventions.
There are many things that I learned during this project that enhanced my learning in the class room. The largest contributor would be leadership skills. While enrolled in my nursing leadership systems classes, we have unraveled how to overcome conflicts in the healthcare field along with in the everyday setting. Putting my classroom knowledge into the field setting has made it easier for me to understand, overall increasing my comprehension of leadership skills. Another aspect that was enhanced by working on this project was the understanding of social status on the health of the com...

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...g available resulting in changes in our contact personnel and the healthy Burnett team. This caused confusion with our contract, leading to a miscommunication between the new leaders and my nursing team. With the knowledge of our leadership skills, we were able to overcome this communication barrier and determine future expectations of our group with the Healthy Burnett team.

If we were to start this project over again, I feel that it would be very important to have a set list of guidelines. This would include check ups on how our data entry was going, along with progress checks throughout the project to make sure the Healthy Burnett staff and the Eau Claire nursing team were on the same page.
This project has helped me to understand how important it is to work with the community, and has helped me gain experience in public health for my future career as a nurse.

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