The Service Learning Project I Got A Chance For Work With Children Ages Essay

The Service Learning Project I Got A Chance For Work With Children Ages Essay

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Age is related to the development but not dependent on because children grow at different rates. As age advances, development proceeds. However, development can be faster or slower at different times, and rates of development can differ among individuals of the same age (Haywood, 2014). During the service-learning project I got a chance to work with children ages 7-9. During our activity plan 3 we had children roll a ball and try to knock out as many bowling pins as possible. Child “Z” who was 8 years old was struggling with straight ball rolling. Her hand and feet position during roll was not proper, which caused the ball follow a curved pathway instead of a linear path. Child “Z” was a big kid who had enough strength to knock down the pins but since her mechanics were not as good it altered her force production and caused poor task performance. On the other hand our group had 7 year old tiny “Barbie” who was able to knock at least 3 out 5 pins each time she was rolling the ball. She was able to step forward and shift her weight into the lead leg allowing a greater force production....

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