The Service Learning Event Of Destino Leadership Academy Essay

The Service Learning Event Of Destino Leadership Academy Essay

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There were two service-learning events, approved by Professor Trevino, which I went to. The first one I went to was called Destino Leadership Academy. In this service learning event, there were several workshops throughout the day which taught the attendees something about leadership, public speaking, social media, community building or communication. As the name of the event indicates, the event was tailored for Spanish and English speakers. There were two four parts to the day. The first one was the welcome and orientation to the academy followed by awards and lunch and then we had two workshop track sessions and finally there was a big talk from a special guest and the closing.
Before the event started a handful of us helped out with setup. Thankfully, three were men so I didn’t have to do much heavy lifting. During the Welcome and Orientation, I acted as a Greeter. As a greeter, I greeted guests at the entrance of the 2nd floor of the conference Center. I was asked a wide variety of questions about the event. At the same time, I checked in the guests of the Academy. It was quite fun because I had to use three languages – English, Spanish and rarely French/Creole to greet those walking in. Pre-registered guests were given a printed name badge and the agenda as well as gifts on behalf of AARP. It was a bit hectic at first because many volunteers showed up last minute that had not shown up for the Volunteer Orientation two days beforehand which had debriefed us about what we were supposed to do on the day of the Academy. However, Jaqi, Jessica and I took over and began to manage the volunteers on top of everything that we had to do. At the last two part of the Academy, during the workshop sessions, I acted as a session coordina...

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...but to use ASL to communicate with people and using more facial expressions was a must so that they could understand me better. Service learning activities like this one definitely opened up my eyes to one of the many ways that I can get involved with the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community. It was an exciting event and I saw many different groups and personalities alike come together to enjoy themselves. It was great to be involved with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Definitely, what surprised me the most in the event was that the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will go far to be able to socialize with other Deaf and HOH. Some people drove 50 miles plus to get to Joe Celestin Center and they don 't regret a mile. I think that this event definitely educated me regarding the way the Deaf and Hard of Hearing live their lives and I definitely have learned from them.

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