Service Learning Can Be A Great Time Essay

Service Learning Can Be A Great Time Essay

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In the past three weeks I’ve learned that service learning can be a great time, but only if you make it that. Service learning can be a fun learning experience if you talk to people and try to make it fun for yourself, on the other hand it can be just the opposite. Without talking and meeting new people service learning won’t be any fun. To get the most out of service learning it requires one to seek meeting new people and making new friends. After all, one article from the Huffington Post states, “Volunteering brings all walks of life together and no matter your personality, interests, or background, you 're bound to connect with another good Samaritan like yourself. There is no telling who you may meet, or what sort of impact they could have on your life, and this brings possibly one of the most exciting aspects to volunteering.” (The Huffington Post)
On my first day of my three week service learning experience, we were immediately greeted by a man with long hair, a huge beard, and no shoes. He was jumping around everywhere and extremely excited to see the new people ready to wor...

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