Service Delivery Is The Best Option Because It Provides High Speed Fiber Network Solution

Service Delivery Is The Best Option Because It Provides High Speed Fiber Network Solution

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There are many ISPs vendors on the market who are providing a variety of packages. Century link, Comcast and other similar vendor’s provider residential and commercial communication services, including entertainment. On the other hand, Level (3) Communication specializes on corporate network services, where it provides high speed fiber optic network solution. In this industry, although companies compete for clients, these entities lease resources to each other. Therefore, service delivery is almost similar in many areas, unless certain regions have less interference. Also, a preferred ISP vendor may not have communication services in certain areas.
Choosing an ISP really depends on the availability of services in the area, and type of service. In the event that these three ISPs are providing services in the business district for this web design company, Level 3 communications will be the best option because it has fiber optic. Despite the high fee Level (3) charges for the services, fiber optic resists interference and it is faster. Also, Level three has favorable terms. A small company can partner with another company to share the cost. Suppose the company no longer need the services, the contract of service is transferable.
Part IV
Cyber criminals are creating havocs on the internet by creating viruses, malwares and spywares for various reasons. These elements have become the great enemy of computers. Viruses will disrupt the performance of computers; in the worst scenarios, the presences of viruses will render the machine useless. Malwares and spyware are used to steal information, which has resulted in high crises of identity theft. A web design company is no exception; it has to protect its system from some of the...

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...tellinet Cat6 UTP Bulk Cable, n.d.).
This double STP cables is double shield which protects data loss due interference from electrical current, and noises.
Since the company is housed in an old building, it is obvious it is having Cat 5, Unshielded cable which is susceptible to all kinds of interferences; this upgrade will eliminate these problems.
Most importantly, the CAT 6 cable has a higher bandwidth and it has speed of 10,00 Mbps which far greater than Cat 5 cable. (Florida Center for Instructional Technology college of Education, 2013)


Multifunction Printer (HP Page Wide Pro 477dw Multifunction printer, n.d.)
This multifunction printer has a form factor which is ideal for a small to medium organizations; it fits perfectly well on low filing cabinet which stores offices supplies.
It is a laser jet printer which for four employees this $629.99

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