The Servant Leadership By Robert Greenleaf Essay

The Servant Leadership By Robert Greenleaf Essay

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The servant-leadership concept continues to grow in its influence and impact. In fact, it has been witnessed of an unparalleled explosion of interest and practice of servant-leadership. In several ways, it can truly be said that the times are only now beginning to catch up with Robert Greenleaf’s visionary call to servant-leadership. The purpose of this literature review paper is to understand the effectiveness of Greenleaf’s “servant-leadership” philosophy. Through motivation to lead, a need to serve, and empowering and developing people. This is caused by displaying and expressing a positive attitude, humility, a trust for others, fairness, and social responsibility that focuses on helping organizations become stronger on a corporate level. Servant-leadership, is a concept that was first proposed and coined by Robert K. Greenleaf in 1970. Greenleaf emphasizes core personal characteristics and beliefs over all specific leadership techniques. In order for the core personal characteristics to come together simultaneously, aspiring servant-leaders must first scrutinize their own personal belief systems, finding reasons as to why they are aspiring to lead.

There has been a significant amount of research conducted on the subject of “servant-leadership”. The notion of a servant as a leader or “servant-leadership” has come to be known, and is purposefully in nature. It is a unique style of leadership ideology which flows against the grain of self-interest human behavior. The main idea of servant-leadership should be typical a hierarchy where employees serve their bosses. In contrast, leaders serve their people. This is the the foundation for leaders to lead others effectively. According to Greenleaf (1998), “the need for a...

... middle of paper ... potential within themselves; however, leaders see it. Effective servant-leaders share a common attitude, which is why its their responsibility to help followers realize how they can apply the special talents that they may have. The use of Greenleaf’s philosophy purports servant leaders to be motivated by the intention of serving others and are committed to develop their followers. Leaders work towards building character and competence amongst their followers, which adds to their own credibility. Leaders can earn trust by working hard to recognize each follower’s special talent, which helps see how it can be applied to achieving the vision, and being committed to the success of the followers.
It is Good to Give Away My Power. Many people are motivated to attain positions of leadership because they seek the legitimate authority that come with a leader’s position.

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