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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…you know what? Just scratch that hyperbole—it isn’t actually that far away since the whole story is derived from the depths of the imagination of a teenager (yikes, scary thought). But if you do so desire dwelling upon the fictitious fact that there is, in fact, some kind of a faerie forest which harbors a wooded residence inhabited by Morelia viridis—well that’s your resolution, not mine. But if you do figure out that it’s not actually a veritable anecdote, don’t come biting the messenger (that’s me, by the way). Okay, I’m glad we got that sorted out. Now let’s bunny-bounce back the beginning…
There was a reptile, a snake, a Morelia viridis (for all you Latin jumbo shrimp or science geeks you should conclude that said serpent is a Green Tree Python), who dwelled within a grand, graceful, green…apartment building. Technically speaking, she did (yes, it was a female) reside within an emerald green city of trees, but only for the placement of the building which she was contained within. The artificial structure that her Homo sapien captors called their home was bathed in green paint to match the outfit of the forest that hugged around it. It seemed that the gargantuan artist of the sky, concentrating so very intensely upon perfecting the colors of the rainbow that happened to be appearing over Venezuela at the time, had dribbled a drop of green from his palette onto that overly-green place. Such was the alarmingly green habitat that she, the serpent, was imprisoned within. Trapped inside the ironically transparent glass walls of her aquarium, she sat, curled and coiled down and around herself, sucking away the small space her cage allowed her. And the hunger, her hunger—it was her only c...

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...capable of competently supporting and directing its fat and furry mass. Morelia viridis’ long body quivered in anticipation. At last, a fat, tender, juicy, succulent, scrumptious rat! Her muscled coiled to spring; her scales gripped the branch for take-off…tip tap tip tap scratch upon her tail tip. Jumping in surprise, the snake was abruptly jolted back into her invisible prison. Staggered, she registered the change of color—a whole rainbow arrayed itself within her eyes. The sickly green of her dying life was gone. Tip tap tip tap scratch upon her tail tip. Head snapped around she gazed upon a plump, pompous rodent leaping and jumping about upon her tail. With the brilliance and tactfulness that only a serpent could possess, she kindly ended the rodent’s worries as she swallowed him up, leaving him to reside peacefully and quietly within her now placated stomach.

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