The Series Problem of Childhood Obesity Essay

The Series Problem of Childhood Obesity Essay

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America is country facing some very big problem. In the United States, there are several problems including downturn on our economy, gay marriage, civil rights, war against drug, risky health factors and some interference with international affairs like US involvement in Syria. In all of those problems we are not working on that has cure for example some risky health factors. Some common health risk factors are alcohol consumption, high blood pressure, rising cholesterol, tobacco use, illegal drug use and childhood obesity. Childhood obesity is one of the problem that is getting pushed on bottom as we focus on other major problems, but it is serious problem because it concerns America’s future.
Childhood obesity is getting out of control in the United States. In our country more than 14.94% of kids are victim of childhood obesity. In past few years childhood obesity has slightly decreased according to CDC from 15.21% to 14.94% (obesity and extreme obesity rates). It's not just their fault; it’s also their parent’s fault, Due to their lack of knowledge about obesity. Kids also don’t participate in physical activity at school; it is one of the major things to avoid in general. Schools should provide opportunities for students to learn about healthy eating and encourage students to involve in physical activity. Also parents should teach their kids about how to live healthy. Schools, health administration and parents need to step up and join the forces to help reduce to childhood obesity.
In U.S. one third of kids in our population are victims of childhood obesity. In order to fight against it one of the few things can happen is Health administration needs add or review laws of supplies for fast food chain, restaurants and other c...

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...t home, parents should try to cut down their time spending on television, video games, social networking and web surfing and put that time in good use like do physical activities with them. Parents should also try not to order food from restaurants or stop at drive thru to get dinner for family from fast food restaurant and cook it home fresh. Parents should try to get fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables and deli items on daily basis so the whole family can stay healthy.
Few people might argue that schools are trying their best to teach kids how to live healthy in their

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