Sequoyah: A Great Native American Essay

Sequoyah: A Great Native American Essay

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There are five civilized tribes, they are Chickasaw, Creek, Cherokee, Choctaw and Seminole. The Cherokees, along with the other tribes were forced to move away from their Native homelands in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. This removal occurred from the early 1800’s to the late 1800’s. The removal placed them in Indian Territory, the area that is now Oklahoma. The Cherokees, were removed to the Northeastern part of present day Oklahoma. Their capital was Park Hill, near what is now Tahlequah. The man known as Sequoyah, and his mother, Wuh-Teh, were part of the thousands of Cherokees that were forced out of their homeland. These tribes had a rich and colorful history. This history was primarily passed down orally, because there was no written language. Sequoyah changed this for the Cherokee people. He singlehandedly provided a means of making the Cherokee a literate people. Because of this, Sequoyah was one of the most influential Native Americans in history.
Sequoyah was born around 1776 in Tuskegee, Tennessee. His English name was George Guess. From the beginning, his life was a little outrageous. He lived with his mother in a home that spoke only Cherokee. His name is said to be a form of the Cherokee word for hog. This Cherokee word is Sikwa. This may be a reference to the limp and cane that we see in the pictures of Sequoyah. Family links are very important to the Native people. His mother’s side of the family was considered a strong line and he was proud of them. Wut-teh, Sequoyah’s mother, had a sibling, John Watts or Young Tassel, and they were the niece of Old Tassel and Doublehead. Sequoyah’s father was a German Immigrant a peddler, was named George as well. His father was not around during h...

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...the bands of Cherokees that had went to Mexico during times of war. He and his son went on this expedition. It was during this time that Sequoyah’s passed away. His grave is marked near Eagle Pass, Texas.
Sequoyah was a great visionary and a great Native American. He gave his people a gift that will keep giving forever. “The Sequoyah syllabary and a timeline round out the package.” (Bash, Margaret A.) He lived a life full of hardship and fought against the illiteracy of his people. He is truly one of the Native American men in history that is remarkable and noteworthy.

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