The September Eleven Attacks Essay

The September Eleven Attacks Essay

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Terrorist attacks are a threat to the development of any country and the welfare of her people. For instance, the September 11 attack in New York caused many deaths, infrastructural damages, and an economic standstill to the World Trading Centre. This paper discusses how technology influenced the attack, actions that were taken to enhance technology thereafter, and the new technologies that can be used to boost anti-terrorism campaigns. Technology played various roles during the September 11 attacks in New York. One of the major roles was communication through radio calls to call for emergencies, evacuations, and security back up. Ultra-high-frequency radios were used to capture signals from various areas including the pilots who were operating the rescuer police helicopters (911 Commission 281; Dwyer, Flynn, and Fessenden para. 3). It is through the communications that the fire fighters responded.

According to the 911 Commission, fire departments from New York, Port Authority Police and Mayor’s Office responded swiftly. However, some mishaps in technology hurt the whole rescue mission. For instance, the fire fighters’ “radio system failed frequently that morning” thus failure to get information promptly (Dwyer, Flynn, and Fessenden para. 3). The 911 Commission explains that although the radio calls were of high frequency, they were locally connected and had low wattage leading to command transfer failures (281-283). Hamilton points out that the internet might have played a great role in the September 11 attacks (2).

Ideally, technology played a role in saving the situation and at the same time, it inconvenienced some of the operations. Various technologies have been put in place to ensure that such a catastrophe does not o...

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... and continued political stability in the world. Works Cited 911 Commission. Heroism and Horror. Commission Report. Web. 03 Dec 2013. Dwyer, Jim, Kevin Flynn, and Ford Fessenden. Fatal Confusion: Troubled Emergency Response; 9/11 Exposed Deadly Flaws In Rescue Plan. New York Times, 7 Jul. 2002. Web. 03 Dec 2013. Gates, Kelly A. “Biometrics and Post-9/11 Technostalgia.” Social Text, 23.2 (2005): 35-53. Web. 03 Dec 2013. Hamilton, Stuart. “September 11th, the Internet, and the Effects on Information Provision in Libraries” [Conference Proceedings]. Glasgow, 18-24 Aug. 2002. Web. 03 Dec 2013.

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