The Separation Of The Government Of Korea Essay

The Separation Of The Government Of Korea Essay

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The Separation of the Government of Korea
Since the nation’s government was separated into two different governments, it was easy for this country to be separated into two different countries as well. Korea is the only divided country in the world and it has been separated for over sixty years. And yet, it does not seem like South Korea nor North Korea is ready for reunification. South Korea and North Korea are really different in so many things today. But why and how did a nation ended up dividing into two different countries and became so different?
On August 15, 1945, World War II ended and Korea finally got its national sovereign rights from Japan. Therefore, Korea had to organize and establish its government, laws, and etc. But the country did not have any money and was so weak to do all things by itself, so the country was in need of help. The Soviet Union wanted to influence many new countries in order to make world communists, and the United States wanted Trusteeship of many new countries. Therefore, both the Soviet Union and United States decided to help Korea. But since both countries had a different purpose to help Korea, they decided to divide North Korea and South Korea on the basis of the 38th parallel for the compromise of postwar foreign policy strategy. The Soviet Union was with North Korea, and the United States was with South Korea ("Korea Divided at the 38th Parallel after WWII."). In 1947, the UN suggested that Korea should establish its own government as soon as possible by voting. But the Soviet Union did not let the Korean temporary committee enter North Korea. Therefore, on May 10, 1948, only South Korea conducted the vote and established the government of the Republic of Korea. A few months later, North...

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...ea allows the citizens to believe in religion and God, the country should have been different than now (Manyin, Mark E., and Mary Beth Dunham. 17).
Great numbers of people all around the world spend their time trying to figure things out for Korea when Korea was in need of help. And also, uncountable number of people died while they were fighting for South or North Korea. Although South Korea and North Korea’s views are different on the concept of how they should govern. Both countries should never forget the people who died for them and tried their best for them. Being the only divided country in the world is the country’s shame. But whether the government is separated or not, if they remember that they are one nation and try to understand each other, it will not be hard for them to make a big historical event. God will lead them to a great result when it is time.

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