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Separation Of Marriage And Marriage Essay

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delay marriage” (Huang et al., 2011, p. 892). Men feel like cohabitation creates challenges concerning their social activities, choice of friends, sexual freedom, and personal space Also, cohabitation to woman was viewed as a transitional arrangement that will proceed to marriage with the same partner; whereas, men thought cohabitation was not connected to marriage and that is was just a temporary state. Young couples who cohabitate recognize the benefits of cohabitation, motives of cohabitation, and gender differences of cohabitation.
Future outcomes of a couple, positive or negative, may depend on the age that the couple decides to live together and the age that the couple gets married at. Many couples relationships who are young when they get married and young when they live together experience negative outcomes. Couples who marry at an older age or have a joint household have had more positive outcomes in their future. Research studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro suggest that “Couples who marry at a later age tend to divorce at a lower rate” (Kuperberg, 2014, p. 353). This means that there is an increased rate of divorce and relationship dissolution between couples who marry and cohabitate at an earlier age. The reasoning behind this is that young couples are emotionally, psychologically, and instrumentally unprepared when they are selecting that future partner. An ideal marriage partner is less likely to be selected among young couples who marry because young couples tend to have unrealistic expectations of a partner and marriage. A study done at Pennsylvania State University says “The longer the cohabitation before marriage, the grater the perceived likelihood of divorce” (Brown & Booth, 1996, p. 669)...

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...ect. More research will be done on the average age group that partners are cohabiting at and how their age correlates their future result as a couple. Studies on what the reasons are for couples to cohabitate will be another question researchers are curious about. In the future, I believe the views that society has on cohabitation will not change and a majority of people will still have an accepting attitude towards it. Lastly, there will continue to be plenty of research on whether or not premarital cohabitation couples have increased risks of divorce to see if there is any significant results as time goes on. In the meantime, research has proven that couples who live together prior to marriage, in fact, do have higher divorce rates, and this will be interesting to see how premarital cohabitation changes or evolves throughout the years, along with the divorce rates.

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