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Separation of Copper Compound Essay examples

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The purpose of this experiment is to use our knowledge from previous experiments to separate a copper compound and from there make calculations relevant to the experiment. The calculations that we had to make in this experiment had to do with finding the percentage of copper in copper compound and from there find the formula weight of the copper compound.
Question or Problem
The question that was proposed by the instructor for investigation was: Can the % composition of an element in a compound be determined accurately (Lab Manual 61)?
Background Discussion
For this experiment we have to use physical and chemical methods to separate the copper from the copper compound. In this experiment one physical method and one chemical method was used. The physical method that was used was filtration which is the separation of a solid from a liquid by passing the liquid through a porous material, such as filter paper. The chemical process used involved mixing a chemical into the compound to separate the copper from the compound (Lab Manual 33).
Sample Calculations and Equations
In this experiment there were three different equations used and they were, The Net Ionic Equation, Calculating the percent of copper, and the last one was a mathematical formula that represents the relationship between theoretical percent copper of a particular compound and its formula weight (Lab Manual 61). The last equation was changed in order to find the fwt, so I will provide the edited equation also.

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...sition of an element in a compound accurately. To do that I used one physical methods and one chemical method to obtain the copper from the compound. The physical method was filtration and the chemical method involved pouring certain chemicals into the compound to separate the copper from it. I was unable to fulfill the experiment due to an error in the experiment which effected mathematical equations negatively and in turn gave me a faulty result. I believe the experiment was a failure due to the possibility of an inaccurate measure of one of the chemicals or compound which gave out faulty results. In conclusion my experiment was a failure due to a mistake in the experiment.

Works Cited

Griswold, Norman E. "Standardizing a Sodium Hydroxide Solution." General Chemistry For Engineering And Science I. Mason: Cengage Learning, 2012. 141-48. Print. Signature Lab Ser.

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