The Separation Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Children Essay

The Separation Of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Children Essay

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Family is the most important thing in this world and without it, we are nothing. Our family moulded us to become who we are now and without them we will never appreciate the beauty of this world. There are a lot of things that we need to be thankful for to our parents and families. Our home is our honing place in which we are being instilled with good morals and values and also how to communicate with others. Being with our family make us feel secured and loved. For the Indigenous people of Australia, the family is included in their health status and a separation from one of its member will manifest an illness. This essay will explore the events that happened decades ago about the separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to their parents and how it affects their life, health, safety, and welfare also called the Stolen Generations.

The expression "Stolen Generations" is utilized for Aboriginal and Torres Strait individuals compellingly taken away from their families between the year 1890s and 1970s, numerous to never see their guardians, kin or relatives again. Since the period covers numerous decades we talk about eras instead of era (Creative Spirits, 2015). Being separated to someone most especially with our parents will have a major effect in our life. Children are very dependent to their parents especially for their love and attention. I also believe that it is the right of every child to be with their families and to have an identity which is to carry the surname of their families. Kinship is an important matter to the Indigenous Australians. According to (Central Land Council, 2015) the kinship framework is a component of Aboriginal social association and family connections across Australia. It is a c...

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...e but for all humanity as well. I know that Indigenous people suffered so much that the stolen generation effect caused them to be scarred for life. Furthermore, it is very hard especially to the mothers to be separated from their children and it is tough for these people to continue their lives without their children. Most of the children grew up without knowing who their biological parents are. Others still have an idea of their family but have already lost contact with them. Moreover, I read that some Indigenous people who have mixed blood, meaning they came from a white and Indigenous parents, were afraid to let others know that they still have a direct linkage to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people because of the fear that they might also be taken away from their family. This fear continue to affect these people and permanently traumatized their lives.

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